GTEC International, LLC

Who We Are :

GTEC International, established 1994, is located in Westlake Village, California, (near Los Angeles), we are International Business Development company, with offices in California, USA, Shenzhen, China, and Prague, Czech.


Our people including me have combined over 75 years of international sales and marketing experience. I have done business, and travelled ALL OVER THE WORLD, The Americas (South, North, and Canada), Europe (lived and operate over 10 years in Israel, and Russia), Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We specialized in building Sales & marketing channels, and offices worldwide, with main focus on high-tech companies from all over the world.

GTEC International subsidiaries & Affiliated Companies.

GTEC International:  GTEC International with its headquarter in Southern California (Los Angeles County), and offices in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuhan, & Hong Kong, China, is VERY WELL POSITIONED to match best ODM/OEM (Private label/OEM design & manufacture) for any project you or your customers may need. China is the World factory, and now also providing high quality design, and implementation (ODM/OEM). We do the due-diligent investigation to check out each supplier/OEM/ODM/Design house, to make sure they meet world-class quality standards, and maintain the proper QC control, and procedures to ensure the highest quality possible, at the most competitive prices, Best Value.

GTEC-Solar: GTEC-Solar is authorized distributor of Pvinergy Technologies, and other Renewable Energy Products.

Pvinergy Technologies: Off-grid solar inverters and systems (10W to 5KW), solar MPPT controllers / inverters, solar water pump inverters, solar Street lights, Outdoor cabinets, OEM /ODM design and manufacturing.


GTEC-MD is Audio, Sound, Hearing Aids, Dental, and DIY (Do It Yourself) Healthcare products OEM Supplier.